Vision Statement

To become a community of believers; empowered by God's Spirit, enlightened by God’s grace, edified by God’s Word, enriched by God’s hope, and equipped by God’s love. Our purpose is to extol one another for the cause of Christ; to embrace one another with the mind of Christ; to exhort one another for the sake of Christ; and to esteem one another with the passion of Christ.

“The dilemma of mankind is more devastating than the inequities of Human and Civil Rights. It is because of the propensity of this awful predicament and the magnitude of our wretched condition, that Jesus Christ our Lord purports a radical and revolutionary solution to the circumstance of all humanity.

“No person can study the New Testament without understanding the foremost objective of God our heavenly Father for His beloved creation. The inspired Word enables us to comprehend that the eternal purpose of God is to seek reconciliation for His creation through the precious blood of His Son and thereby establish a ‘Community of Believers’ called the body [Church] of Christ.

“Man is truly a walking civil war; torn between a desire for good and a desire for evil. As a result, we extend to you an invitation to join us in our attempt to serve the ‘Sovereign Savior’ as members of God’s ‘New Society.’ If we can be of any benefit in helping you to study the sacred Scripture as it is written, please do not be hesitant to inform us of such.”

In the Mighty Name of Heaven's Hero...

David C. Penn, Ph.D., Senior Minister

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